Friday, December 5, 2008

gallas to miss wigan

I cant really comprehend why so much controversy has been surrounding William Gallas for simply speaking his mind.

The ex-Arsenal captain has been reported to miss this weekend's clash with Wigan Athletic, which is an extremely crucial game for the Gunners as they can only pull of results against the top 4.  

This is a crucial flaw about Arsenal, they are a team with such class and flare, but this simply doesn't give results.  Other, less attractive teams like Chelsea have always had these kind of internal conflicts, and players like John Terry have always been vocal about players not pulling their own weight.  Why strip your most experienced player of his arm-band, further isolate him in the dressing room and lose what little stability you have at the back in the process?

Arsen Wenger's favoritism to young talent needs to stop somewhere.  This is football, and when you are a team of Arsenal's potential it is more than healthy to voice concerns about the effort of his team members.  And what is more despicable, Gallas's insubordination off the pitch, or his team-mates on-pitch hissy fits.

It is a shame that Wenger and the Arsneal team were to quick to cast aside the wisdom and stability of a seasoned veteran like Gallas to side with these hit-or-miss youngsters. Kudos to Wenger for sticking to his vision, but I am sure he will feel the pressure to qualify for the Champions league much harder at the end of the season if he looses this key defensive piece.

Although Wenger is a genius at growing young home-grown talent, the departure of Gallas would be a rough blow to the Gunners already wavering stability.